The Review S2000 Specs You Might Need To Know

Here are some S2000 specs that might help you review the Honda S2000. It is necessary for you to know your future car specification before you purchase one. Not only have the designs of the car, but also you needed to be aware of the other specification with more details. The Honda S2000 could be one of your choices in reviewing a few cars which worth to buy. You may compare each specification to help you get the best car. S2000 is manufactured in Japan by Honda in 1999-2009. The S2000 is named based on the engine displacement which is 2 liters.

There are few type of Honda S2000 that you may find according to its generation and also years. The generation is divided into three classifications. The AP1 (F20C)1999-2003, AP1 (F20C)2004-2009, AP2 (F22C1)2004-2009, and AP2 CR (F22C1)2008-2009. Each type of the generations has its own specification and also improvement from one type to the higher one. Generally the S2000 type is the front Eigen type, with 2-passangers, 2-door roadster, and rear wheel drive.

The convertible car has a good balance, more flexible, and also demonic. The estimated price starts from $34,000 on the market. When you have this car you will find out about the machine in which it has DOHC 16-Valve inline-4, aluminum block and head, and port fuel injection. The transmission is the 6-speed manual. About the test drive, the test result was 0-60 mph with 5.4 minutes. There are different specifications for each type of generation, year production, and also where it was produced.

For the last production of the S2000 in Europe continental in 2009, it was clear that Honda wants to release the limited versions of the car. The features and specifications of the S2000 ultimate editions include the removable hard top, Grand Prix white body color, red leather interior, graphite-colored alloy wheels, and etc. There is much improvement from the first production in 1999. The limited edition was only available in 100 units for sale in UK.

When it was originally in Japan market, the S2000 specs were also similar to the US market. The type S edition is sharing weight loss regime, and also the purpose built body kit to provide a fabulous finishing. The type S specifications were designed to improve the geometry and also enhance the handling of the car. Study and review the specifications of this convertible car would be your benefit in comparing the cars specifications in its class.




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