The New 2016 Nissan GTR Nismo Specification

Nissan will launch 2016 Nissan Gtr Nismo in the end of 2015. Nissan GTR Nismo will get some improvement in the new series but it will not be as much as people expected. The improvement in this car will make this car perform better and feel more comfortable to drive. The new improvement in this car can be shown in the engine specification and the design that make this car more appealing and could perform faster on the road. The new GTR Nismo can compete with other car types in its class.

The new engine equipped in the GTR Nismo is twin-turbocharged V6 that produce 550 horsepower. This engine is the standard engine for GTR Nismo. There are some options for other types of engine that you could choose. If you like to challenge yourself to drive faster car, you could choose 600 horsepower engine, with different suspension tuning, aero work and front bucket seat design. These new features make GTR Nismo become much a considerable car for people who like to have fast car for their own.

2016 GTR Nismo should compete with some cars that have the same quality in the market. Several car brands are equal with GTR Nismo such as 2016 Porsche 911, Carrera 4S, Jaguar F-Type R Coupe and Accura NSX. These cars all the new cars that is fast and very modern in its features that could satisfy your need for supercar that have complete features in it. Even though the competition in the market is quite tight, GTR Nismo still could manage the positions in the market as one of the favorite cars.

GTR Nismo offers some types of style based on the trim levels; they are Premium, Black Edition and 600 horsepower Nismo version. Each of the type will be divided in to sub categories based on the features used in the car such as entertainment system. The optional packages also come to celebrate the anniversary of the Nissan as one of the well-known car manufacture.

So, if you like to have a fast car with premium quality, GTR Nismo becomes a considerable choice. You could own fast car with classy design and advanced features in the new GTR Nismo. 2016 Nissan Gtr Nismo offers the new technology of a fastest car in the market that could compete with another design of car from Jaguar, Porsche and other famous car brands in its class.


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