Specifications and Review of the Fascinating 2016 Tundra Redesign

Actually, Tundra was a fascinating pickup truck. But since Ford launched the aluminum truck that distracted everybody’s attention from Toyota’s Tundra. This situation motivated Toyota to redesign their Tundra. Now, we’re going to show you some information about this 2016 Tundra redesign and what makes this 2016 Tundra different from the older model. Toyota designed the new 2016 Tundra with new chassis that’s stronger than before. Also, Tundra’s body shell will be redesigned too.

Even though 2016 Tundra will still get body shell made from steel, the body shell’s weight will not as heavy as the previous Tundra’s body shell. This weight will be decrease up to 200 pounds. Toyota is also redesigning the exterior of the 2016 Tundra but the change won’t be too much. Interior of 2016 Tundra will be more luxurious than the previous Tundra’s interior. We’ll find some awesome features inside the new 2016 Tundra including climate control, satellite navigation, leather upholsteries, and also wooden inserts.

The engine of older Tundra was so smooth and powerful. That’s why Toyota put the same engine under the 2016 Tundra’s hood. Toyota will use several different engines for their 2016 Tundra. For example, Toyota will use 4.6L V8 engine that produces 310 horsepower and 5.7L V8 engine that makes 381 horsepower. Also, Toyota will use the 5.0L twin turbocharged V8 engine that will make at least 300 horsepower. So there will be some different types of 2016 Toyota Tundra based on the engine type.

Toyota will release their new 2016 Tundra at the end of this year. Since Toyota will offer some different types of Tundra, every future buyer of 2016 Tundra must understand every type of Tundra. Each type of 2016 Toyota Tundra comes with different specifications and pricing. For example, the price of 2016 Toyota Tundra base will start at $ 25,000. This price of 2016 Tundra base will increase depends on the optional equipments chosen by the buyer.

Another version of 2016 Toyota Tundra is the TRD Pro. The price of this version of 2016 Tundra is starting at $ 45,000. Same case, the price can be higher if the buyer wants to complement their new 2016 Tundra redesign with some optional features. If you’re looking for a powerful truck with awesome performance, opt for the 2016 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro that has more incredible performance and power than the base version. This fantastic TRD Pro will be great for daily use.


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