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Cheapest new cars, today, is innovated as priceless as the regular car. This is an idea from the government to decrease the existence of the motor bike. The appropriate car that you can take is compact Mazda 2. This includes the top ten rating grown in the United States. As the city car, this vehicle provides the small shape then you can park at the narrow space. Although, it is the city car, it also has the quite fast on the street and best maneuver on the traffic jump. To support the speed, the manufactures presents the speed of five manual. Frankly, the automatic four speeds are perfect and fun while you are driving.

Cheapest new cars also show the maneuver. Like Mazda 2 is really possible because the wheelbases have the narrows strips even the footprint on the surface of the car are debatable. Those will be perfectly beat the city road. In the contrary, the new cheapest cars, Mazda 2, will not work maximally in the rough street.

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You can purchase this item $15,515 only. As the entire city car, the shapes of the new cheapest cars are minimalist. They are only for four adult persons. For the interior, starting from the driver seat, it is really pleasant because the gearbox is located proportionally with your feet and it is perfect location to change the manual speed.

Mazda 2, the steering wheel are added by the control of the controller system of the sound digitally. Moreover, the dashboard has the features of the array symmetrically with the placed of the air conditioner where the fresh air will direct blow the fresh air. Besides, you can try the maneuver with the stages of 0-62 mph only 10.5 second and you will be on 117 mph as the top speed without followed by the loud engine. To make sure with this choice, you can compare the other automobile manufacturers such as Hyundai i10, Hyundai accent GLS sedan, or Skoda citigo hatchback also the list of the cheapest new cars

Description: Cheapest new cars are recommended for the city like Mazda 2. This invincible city car is driving in the smooth city road. You may have it by purchasing $ 15,515 only.

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