Nissan Almera Review: Reliable, Powerful, And Stylish

Nissan Almera was produced for the first time in 1995. The production of this series was to replace another model named Nissan Sunny. The first generation of Almera was available in three different engine variations. All models of Almera were equipped with features such as alloy wheels, fog lamps, high spec bumpers, and also rear roof lip spoilers.

The Latest Models of Nissan Almera

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In 2002, the last generation of Nissan Almera was released. The car is still in production until these days. With improvements that have been made by Nissan, the model is increasing in popularity. Thanks to some improvements made, Almera is known as one of those cars with a powerful engine. It is not only reliable, but also efficient when it comes to its fuel consumption. The design can be considered as sporty, making it a favorite choice among customers looking for a stylish car.

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2013 Nissan Almera

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The latest models, 2013 Almera comes with 4 engine variants, Almera 1.5 E (M), Almera 1.5 E, Almera 1,5V, and also Almera 1.5VL. Speaking about its features, the features may vary, for example, the base model come with some features such as front  fog lights, HID Headlights, automatic rain sensor, remote locking, reversing camera, and active head rests. The highest model  has more advanced features which make it more expensive compared to other variants. For example, it comes with split fold rear seats, leather seats, climate and cruise control. This being said, with the technologies that are updated continuously, Nissan has proven to be quite reliable and dependable. Among many Nissan fans, the model has a good reputation as a comfortable, stylish and powerful car. If you are looking for a car that has good scores in fuel efficiency and is equipped with a good engine, Nissan Almera might be one that you need.

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