Lexus ISF Specs to Help You Decide the City Car You Want To Get

You may look out for the Lexus ISF specs before you purchase your personal city car and enjoy the smooth ride you get from the car. The sedan car will perfectly take you to the smooth ride on the city. Driving in a smooth stylish car is the dream of everyone who wants to have a city car. The classy and modern vibe of the car could not be left out for a second. One of the most popular city cars in its class is the Lexus ISF.

The Lexus ISF is the sport sedan that is firstly introduced in 2006 with a higher specification than the previous Lexus IS that has been introduced. The 4-seats sedan is introduced with $67,097 and with based price about $61,535. The DOHC 32-valve V-8 is the engine that you could get from the car specification. The serious potential of the car is proven by the 416 hpV-8, and also the 8-speed automatic manual shifting mode for the transmission.

For 2011 Lexus ISF, they change major concern on the suspension component for a more comfortable ride in straight line and also excessive roll on the corner. The new component that has been added to give a better comfort for the drivers are stiffer rear springs, front and rear anti-roll bars in larger-diameter, steering knuckle, softer front spring, and also last but not least is the lower front control to help the car reduce the unsprang mass.

The V-8 remains unchanged for the specs, but a torn limited slip will replace the previous one. Another good improvement is the retuned of the electric steering, and injecting a necessary amount of needed feel. With those changes, the car has finally come to the front runner of sport sedan class. The lap time is a great measurement of the car specification, and despite the weight which is 200 more pounds and also two extra ponies, the car is still definitely handle the perfect smooth ride.

The Lexus ISF specs could help you know the details of the car’s specification and help you choose the sport sedan car. The electric steering is more natural than you thought, and give you a feeling of more traditional hydraulic steering. The brake pedal is firm enough to make sure you don’t miss the clutch pedal as you thought you would. The best way to compromise about the Lexus ISF is to try harder on understanding and read the review of the specs. This way you will have an ultimate choice of the sport sedan car that you dream about.


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