Knowing Toyota Avalon Specs for You to Handle the Ride

Find the newest Toyota Avalon specs for one of the best purchasing car in US. The sedan type of the car makes the market more demanding with the luxurious vibe it gave to the market. The modern interior of the car will make everyone dream about having this city car as their ride. The fact that it costs more money doesn’t make people stay away from the temptation of the luxurious car. You may see the specs and also review about the Toyota Avalon before you let yourself drawn to its luxurious design.

The responsive automatic car is featuring the A 268-hp 3.5-liter V-6 and six-speed automatic. You will be offered by such an efficient hybrid version of the car that would be paired with a 2.5 liter four-cyclinder supports by electric motor. For the long distance ride with a smooth feel and also a luxurious style for the design, the Toyota Avalon is hard to beat. The charming look of the interior design will just perfect for a stylish ride.

The vehicle type is the sedan car with the front wheel drive, 5 passengers and also 4 door sedan. The specification of the type is not really much different with another sedan car, but the improvement of the car since it was released in 2013 was fantastic. This car is one of the best in the sedan class on US market. The transmission of the car is including a 6 speed automatic with manual shifting mode and also continuously variable automatic for the car features.

The basic specifications of the cars are wheelbase 111.0 in, length 195.3 in, width 72.2 in, height 57.5 in, passenger volume 102-104 cu ft, cargo volume 14-16 cu ft, and curb weight 3500-3700 lb. Those are some basic dimension features of the car that you may want to know. The sedan offers you a large space with a luxurious design interior and also a classy feel of the car.

Other Toyota Avalon specs that you may want to know is about the interior design. How you will be provided by such luxurious design of the interior? Comfortable seats and flash of chrome will perfectly become the main attraction of the car. The digital climate control of the car will also remind you to the old Toyota signature car. It will be a perfect choice for you who enjoy a city ride with a classy sedan feel.


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