Incredible 2016 NSX Horsepower from New Amazing Engine

Acura has launched several NSXs like the 1990 NSX that has 3.0L V6 engine behind the seats. This engine of 1990 NSX was able to produce 270 horsepower. Acura’s latest NSX is the 2016 NSX. Today we’re going to talk about 2016 NSX horsepower and specifications. But, before we jump to 2016 NSX, let us talk about the previous versions first. Acura had improved the performance of 1990 NSX by enhancing the engine to 3.2L V6 that was able to produce 290 horsepower.

With that better engine, the 1990 NSX was able to reach 60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds. Even though 1990 NSX was awesome, Acura said the 2016 NSX will get much better performance. Acura’s 2016 NSX will be powered by the twin turbocharged V6 engine. Acura paired this engine with three units of electric motors. Acura’s 2016 NSX will come with nine-speed dual clutch transmission. If the first NSX generation was designed with rear wheel driving system, this 2016 NSX will come with front wheel driving system.

In 2013 Acura had introduced their concept vehicle. Seem like that concept vehicle was for this 2016 NSX. 2016 NSX’s front end looks pretty identical to the concept vehicle shown back in 2013. The new design of 2016 NSX looks different from the older generation of NSX. 2016 NSX’s got different front hood, four exhaust tips, and some other modifications. Inside the 2016 NSX, there are lots of black and red upholstery. This car’s primary color is black with red as the accents.

The V6 engine of this 2016 NSX is capable to produce up to 573 horsepower. With this engine and the amazing power, 2016 Acura NSX is able to reach 60 miles per hour in only 3.5 seconds. 2016 Acura NSX’s top speed is 191 miles per hour. Since the top speed of this 2016 NSX is so high, this vehicle must have great safety system too.

Speaking about the safety system of 2016 NSX, it is including the airbags that are enough to keep anyone safe when there is an accident to this sport car. Also, this sport car is equipped with anti lock braking system, traction control, brake assist, and so on. Acura also equips this sport car with backup and corner sensors, cruise control, and auto high beam headlamps. If you want to get this amazing sport car with awesome 2016 NSX horsepower, you must prepare at least $ 156,000 to $ 205,700.


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