Ford F150 4×4: The Strong Truck

Ford f150 4×4 will give many benefits for your daily life. Beside its functions for carrying something which is heavy weight enough, it is also designed as stylish truck. Since the can has been protected by aluminum, this truck is offered with affordable price. You don’t have to worry about the quality since aluminum is a material which can protect its contents from UV degradation. Furthermore, this product has great specifications to satisfy its consumers. Without spending much money, you will get a product with standard quality and also have many others strength, too. Therefore, you can push your budget and can be used for purchasing others needs.

Specification Of Ford F150 4×4

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The cab of this truck is completed with four wheel drive and great 3.5 liter ecoboost V6. It can load some weight up to 5580 pounds. It has extra foot which is equal with the length of stretched wheelbase. The engine is also powered by 325 horsepower and 375 lb ft of torque. Furthermore, it also supported with two turbochargers of direct injection. By powering with standard engine, this truck will not give some difficulties when carrying some weight. Since Ford f150 4×4 specification is supported with best quality, it can convince the consumers for picking this truck as their vehicle.

Beside, having good specification, Ford f150 4×4 also offers stylish and comfortable look. It is designed for smooth riding and having good body control. For people who want to use this truck for working, its aluminum body can be used for payload capacities and towing. This truck has great capability since it can load 12.200 pound for towing whereas 3300 for in bed capability.

Ford f150 4×4 features are complete enough. There is camera system with 360 degree, mirror housing which is completed with spotlight in each side, cargo bed lamps which is placed on the bedside, and many others. By this, Ford f150 4×4 is not only having good quality but also completed with high technology and luxurious body.


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