2016 Charger Srt8 Review for Your Future Car

2016 charger srt8 is the new generation of sedan which could be your future car in 2016. You could find the review to know more about its specifications and how the prospect of the car in 2016. The dodge car has a new improvement of the sedan generations in which they combine the muscular side of a car and also combine with a modern aesthetic. The unique shaped of the sedan car surely will make your ride classier and also enjoyable.

The unique point of the car is the 60’s styles in which the coke bottle shaped. As a major change in 2016, the charger car offers a super track pack for the V-6 models. The new additional color also includes giving more vibe and color in choosing the right car. A few specifications of the cars are also included to improve the features of the car. The drag and drop menu bar is available on the 8.4 inch touchscreen control, siri eyes free voice control, the do-not-disturb features and also many more.

The improvement of the features is really important to support the comfort of each driver. The unique sedan shape will not become a majorfall, instead it will bring up the uniqueness of the car. The lineup of the 2016 dodge charge SE and SXT V models are mostly represents the style that customer want from the previous model of the car. The new features are added day by day to make the driver enjoys each ride with the sedan car.

One of the most concerns in the new improvement of the car is the engine systems. An eight-automatic with paddle shifter will be the new improvement to send power to rear wheels. The engine also provides the buyer with more power with supported by a supercharged 6.2 liters V8 engine which can produce 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft. This new improvement of the car’s engine will surely make a big change for the car in more generous way.

The 2016 charger srt8 has an adaptive damping suspension which helps the car to measure the numbers of inputs in the car. The vehicle speed, steering angle, brake torque and etc. will be automatically adjusted by the suspension for an optimal handling. You may find related features of the car which help you improve your knowledge of this car. It would be a great input for you as the reviews to purchase a new car.


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